CarbonScope available now

When we launched CleanMetrics 2.0 at the beginning of 2020, we started with a vision. It has been clear that businesses of all sizes can do a lot to address climate change. But before they can cut their emissions, they need to know where they stand without spending a ton of money and time. In the brave new world of low emissions, carbon modeling and emissions accounting should be fast, easy and inexpensive.

This was the motivation for kicking off an intense period of software development and road testing. We are finally at a point where our new flagship carbon modeling tool, CarbonScope, is ready for users.

As we architected this web app, we recognized that the same life-cycle framework would serve two common, but often distinct, carbon modeling applications equally well: corporate greenhouse gas inventory analyses and product life-cycle assessments. So CarbonScope does both, using a shared life-cycle inventory database and a shared modeling paradigm. The design is simple and minimalistic, and the functionality is easy to use and intuitive.

CarbonScope comes packaged with an hour of training videos designed to get new users off to a fast start. Annual subscriptions start at just $300 for commercial use. Check out our pricing page for consultant, teaching/research and student subscriptions.

As always, email us at with questions, comments or feedback.

Our new pricing structure

In a recent Medium post, we made this statement: “If we are going to bend the emissions curve, emissions accounting must become as commonplace as financial accounting.” This will be essential if we are going to have any chance of holding the warming to 1.5°C or even 2°C.  We also made the case that the two major obstacles to doing this on a large scale across the economy are cost and time.

We have been working since the beginning of this year on new carbon modeling and emissions accounting solutions designed to break through these two barriers. We are now getting ready to release our new carbon modeling tool, CarbonScope, on a subscription basis and our service offerings built around our software tools.

We are excited to announce our new pricing structure designed to make emissions accounting affordable for most companies and organizations. For companies that are interested in doing their own GHG inventories and product LCAs/product carbon footprints, an annual CarbonScope subscription starts at just $300. This should be sufficient for most companies, but heavier users can purchase additional credits as they go.

For companies that would rather have an expert do the analysis, our consulting prices start at just $1500 per project. We have tried to leverage our software and automation to keep our costs to a minimum. We are also prepared to help customers transition from consulting services to direct use of our tools, using the carbon models developed in consulting projects as a starting point.

We want to share and collaborate where we can. We have made our tools super affordable for professors, researchers and students — because we all depend on new ideas and cutting-edge research to push climate solutions forward. We also have very affordable pricing for consultants — because we ultimately want as many companies as possible to take on emissions accounting.

Email us at if you have any questions.