API for climate/carbon app developers

As app developers, our primary focus at CleanMetrics has been on tools and apps that businesses and organizations can use to quantify, track and reduce their climate impacts.

We have been increasingly hearing from other app developers looking to integrate a life-cycle inventory (LCI) database with their consumer-facing apps. These apps typically let consumers track their personal carbon emissions from purchases and other activities. The idea is to help consumers become climate-savvy in their purchasing decisions and/or make it easy for them to offset their emissions.

We are now releasing an API to our LCI database, CarbonScopeData, to address the lack of high-quality carbon emissions data that plagues many consumer-facing apps. We want to help improve the quality of climate and carbon apps across board, and thereby empower consumers to take decisive action to slow climate change.

The CarbonScopeData API is a RESTful web service that provides access to both process LCI and environmentally extended input-output LCI data.

The process LCI dataset contains over 1400 materials, products and processes, including the largest commercially available LCI database for North American food production and processing. The input-output LCI dataset uses data on economic transactions between industry sectors to provide life-cycle data for 385 US goods and services covering the entire US economy.

The database provides three key life cycle metrics: greenhouse gas emissions (embodied carbon), primary energy use (embodied energy) and water use (embodied/virtual water).

As usual, our pricing structure is designed to reduce barriers and make emissions accounting as widespread as possible. We require an annual subscription and purchase of API accesses sold in blocks of 50,000/100,000/500,000 accesses.

Please let us know if you have any questions!