Product updates – Q4 2020


  • LCA projects can now add a processing stage at the hub and easily include pre-defined processing steps before the product moves downstream. Processing steps currently cover food processing (75 unit processes) and yarn/fabric/garment production (21 unit processes)
  • GHG inventory projects can automatically upload hybrid activity data from a spreadsheet, covering: fuel and electricity use, purchased goods and services, waste management, freight transport, warehousing, energy used in processing and use phase, and employee travel/commuting.


  • The custom farm-level LCA engine has been updated with soil emissions/sequestration parameters from the IPCC 2019 refinement to the 2006 guidelines.
  • Food processing data has been updated and expanded (75 unit processes).


  • CarbonScopeData API for climate/carbon app developers: This is a RESTful web service that provides access to both process LCI and environmentally extended input-output LCI data.

Process LCI data

  • Electricity emission factors for ALL countries, except the US, have been updated using the latest electricity statistics from the IEA. US emission factors continue to be based on the latest eGRID data.
  • Cradle-to-gate LCI data for 80 different plastics and related chemicals has been updated using the latest eco-profiles from PlasticsEurope.
  • Unit process data for yarn, fabric and garment production has been added to the database. There are 21 unit processes in this category with the ability to distinguish energy use in yarn and fabric production based on the type of input fiber.
  • Unit process data for food processing has been updated and enhanced and now totals 75 unit processes covering a wide range of processing and cooking steps.
  • All of the cradle-to-gate data for food/agricultural products has been regenerated using updated electricity emissions and the IPCC 2019 refinement to the 2006 guidelines.

Environmentally extended input-output LCI data

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