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MetaFlowScopeTM is our new business analytics solution for significantly enhancing resource productivity. The hosted software analyzes material and energy flows through an enterprise, facility, plant, process or any other unit of operation -- resulting in a "metabolic check" of the operation that helps ensure optimal use of financial and natural resources.

MetaFlowScope quantifies both economic and environmental values of resources used and waste generated and helps identify profitable opportunities for waste reduction, waste diversion, material substitution, energy substitution, process optimization, and product redesign – so that businesses can save money, increase resource productivity and reduce emissions all at the same time.

The analysis is enabled by a unique combination of technologies and methodologies including material flow analysis, industrial metabolism, life cycle assessment, and value chain analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Interactive, easy-to-use platform for analyzing complex value chains.

  • Analysis of both economic and environmental impacts of material and energy flowing through an operation in a single framework.

  • Top-down estimate of material quantities ending up in the waste stream.

  • Full economic and life-cycle environmental impacts of material waste.

  • Detailed breakdown of waste composition, prioritized by economic and environmental opportunities (i.e., cost saving potential, emissions reduction potential, etc.).

  • Corporate scope 3 GHG emissions analysis and reporting – along with scope 1 and scope 2 emissions -- and other environmental metrics.


Analysis and results from MetaFlowScope can be used in a wide variety of applications to increase resource efficiency and positively impact the bottom line:

  • Waste reduction: produce direct cost savings and lower environmental footprints by reducing the avoidable waste in your operation.

  • Waste diversion: extract economic value by diverting valuable components of your waste stream to useful applications (either within your operation or elsewhere) and simultaneously reducing disposal costs, while lowering overall environmental footprints.

  • Material substitution: explore the use of alternative materials (including recycled materials) to reduce cost and/or environmental footprints.

  • Energy substitution: explore the use of alternative and renewable energy (including on-site energy generation) to reduce cost and/or environmental footprint.

  • Process optimization: analyze the impacts of more efficient manufacturing and other internal processes.

  • Product redesign: analyze the projected effects of product redesigns that use alternative materials, lower amounts of materials/energy, and redesigned processes.

  • GHG emissions reporting: corporate scope 3 GHG emissions across value chains, along with scope 1 and scope 2 emissions.

  • Other environmental reporting: metrics such as water use, energy use, solid waste, and wastewater – within organizational boundaries and across value chains.


MetaFlowScope can be used to generate results that are in compliance with current international standards for life cycle assessment, product carbon footprint analysis, value chain (scope 3) emissions analysis, and GHG emissions inventories. Relevant standards include the ISO 14040 series, PAS 2050, GHG Protocol, and IPCC Guidelines for National GHG Inventories.


MetaFlowScope is available to subscribers at Please Contact us for further information.


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Resource Flow Analysis with MetaFlowScope

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