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Food/Beverage LCA and Product Carbon Footprinting

CleanMetrics offers a full range of software and services to help the food and beverage industry become more efficient, sustainable and profitable.

Analysis Service

Through our expert consulting service, we provide efficient, standards- compliant and affordable product LCAs to analyze lifecycle GHG emissions Solutions(carbon footprint), energy footprint and water footprint.

In addition, our analysis will help you identify and squeeze out waste and inefficiency in the production and distribution of your food and beverage products. We can assist you with meeting specific reporting requirements, communicating the results to supply-chain partners, and publicizing the results.

If you are also interested in a value-chain (scope 3 GHG emissions) analysis, please see our offerings in that space.

Food Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Software

If you have the in-house resources and expertise to perform your ownMetaFlowScope sample output LCAs, you can purchase an affordable subscription to our leading-edge food LCA software. FoodCarbonScopeTM combines an easy-to-use web interface with rigorous standards-compliant LCA and the largest North American food LCI database (plus data for other regions). FoodCarbonScope covers everything from agricultural production and processing to distribution, retail, food preparation and waste.

Food LCAs have never been easier or more affordable. See panel on the right for a technical brief, demos and sample results.

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Food LCA with FoodCarbonScope

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