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CarbonScopeData is a life cycle inventory (LCI) database. It provides data on greenhouse gas emissions (embodied carbon), primary energy use (embodied energy) and water use (embodied/virtual water) for a broad array of raw materials used in the economy, common industrial processes, agricultural processes and food products, energy sources, transport modes, temperature-controlled storage, and waste disposal. The database contains LCI data for well over 1600 materials, products and processes representing a broad range of industries and geographical locations (and more are being added regularly), compiled from highly credible raw data sources and research literature and processed by our in-house tools according to rigorous LCA standards (see methodology and data sources).

CarbonScopeData can be used for life-cycle modeling and analysis of products and services in manufacturing, building construction, transportation, packaging, food and agriculture, and many other industry sectors.

CarbonScopeData includes cradle-to-gate and unit process data for over 1100 products and processes in the food and agriculture sectors -- covering a full range of crop and animal production systems, commercial food processing, commercial cooking appliances, packaging, and waste disposal. The majority of this data is for US and Canadian production and processing drawn from over a dozen major agricultural states/provinces, making CarbonScopeData the largest commercially available LCI database for North American food production and processing. In addition, the database includes food production data for Europe and other parts of the world.

CarbonScopeData is an integral part of CarbonScope, FoodCarbonScope and other products, and is used in all of our carbon footprint analysis projects. CarbonScopeData is also available as a stand-alone product that can be customized for specific applications.


CarbonScopeData is now available for free to browse and access at


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