Kumar Venkat's Publications

Climate Science Is Vulnerable to Politics

Common Dreams, 2020

Emerging from the Pandemic with a Climate Plan

Common Dreams, 2020

Eating Well Without Destroying the Climate

Common Dreams, 2019

Oregon must target climate change, not plastic bags

The Oregonian, 2019

Advice for the climate-conscious consumer: Don't sweat the small stuff

Los Angeles Times, 2019

Can we get back to facts, please?

The Oregonian, 2018

The Challenge of Automation: Finding Our Place Amongst the Machines

New America Media, 2017

Reframing the Here and Now: How to Fight Back on the Climate Front

Common Dreams, 2017

Automation, not manufacturing, is the job loss challenge

San Jose Mercury News, 2016

An election night epiphany

The Oregonian, 2016

Climate Change and the Consumption Trap

GreenBiz, 2011

Will 10 Billion of Us Have Enough to Eat?

Sustainable Business Oregon, 2011

Sustainable Consumption: For all our ingenuity, it still comes down to using less

The Oregonian, 2011

Modernization of India Leaves Most of Its People Behind

San Jose Mercury News, 2005

The Hidden Costs of Comparative Advantage

GreenBiz, 2005

The Trouble with Sustainability

The Oregonian, 2004

Sustainability's Labor Gap

GreenBiz, 2004

Choosing the Right Technologies

GreenBiz, 2004

We Need a Balanced View of Productivity

San Jose Mercury News, 2004

What Kind of Productivity Do We Need?

GreenBiz, 2004

Free Trade: Benefit or Peril for the Environment?

GreenBiz, 2004

Global Trade and Climate Change

GreenBiz, 2003

Global Trade = Global Warming

Salon, 2003

Beware the Life Cycle of 'Recycled'

The Christian Science Monitor, 2003

Globalization's Unanswered Questions

Common Dreams, 2003

Can small still be beautiful?

The Christian Science Monitor, 2003

Can Silicon Valley Stay Relevant?

San Jose Mercury News, 2002

Indians Must Take a Stand Against Violence

San Jose Mercury News, 2002

Freedom in America

India Currents, 2002

Combatting e-waste

San Francisco Chronicle, 2002

Deadly Distraction - Kashmir Conflict Bleeds Two Poor Nations

Pacific News Service, 2002

Delving into the Digital Divide

IEEE Spectrum, 2002

Digital Divide and Poverty

Journal of Poverty, 2001

Linking global warming and the energy crisis

San Francisco Chronicle, 2001

Wrong Solution: Technology is Not What the Third World Hungers For

San Jose Mercury News, 2001