About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to enable data-driven climate actions by both businesses and consumers. We are acting on multiple fronts to accomplish this.


Reducing Cost

We are reducing the barriers to accessing high-quality data and analysis. The biggest barrier is cost and we are addressing it directly. We offer subscription-based web apps and highly streamlined consulting services that should be affordable to most businesses.


Increasing Efficiency

We are developing innovative tools and databases that can significantly reduce the time and effort involved in getting a product carbon footprint or corporate greenhouse gas inventory done.


Encouraging Action

We are continuously working to make the data and the metrics easier to understand and act on. Our goal is to get our users and customers to the next step where they can start thinking about how to reduce or offset their climate impacts.

Executive Team

Kumar Venkat

President and CTO

Kumar is a technologist and software developer specializing in modeling and simulation technologies, and developed most of the CleanMetrics LCA/GHG tools and databases. He is also a serial entrepreneur and a widely published writer on climate and sustainability topics. Prior to CleanMetrics, Kumar spent 25 years in the semiconductor industry as an engineer and entrepreneur, primarily focusing on automation software for chip design.

Susan Cholette

Vice President of Consulting Services

Susan is also a professor of decision sciences in the Lam Family College of Business at San Francisco State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Operations Research at Stanford University. Her research focuses on supply chain efficiency and sustainability, especially for the food and beverage sectors.

Company History

The first iteration of CleanMetrics Corp was as a leading provider of LCA tools, data and services in the 2007-2012 time frame. During this period, we worked with more than three dozen customers  in many different economic sectors to quantify and reduce their GHG emissions and other environmental impacts.

We developed many LCA resources, including FoodCarbonScope (the leading LCA tool for food/agriculture), CarbonScopeData (a comprehensive LCI database, including the most extensive data sets available for North American food production and processing - updated and refreshed in 2020),  CarbonScope (a general-purpose LCA tool - redesigned and redeveloped from the ground up in 2020) and BuildingScope (an LCA tool for evaluating building construction and operation).

We also published extensively on climate and sustainability, including pioneering peer-reviewed research on the climate impacts of foods (animal vs. plant proteins, organic vs. conventional crops, and the climate impacts of food waste). Our work was covered by leading media outlets such as the National Public Radio and the Wall Street Journal