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Supply Chain Environmental Analysis and Optimization

CleanMetrics can analyze and help improve the environmental impacts of your supply chain. While energy supplies are tightening and energy costs are increasing on one hand, energy-related greenhouse gas emissions are adding further risk to global business. It is an ideal time to consider the energy consumed and emissions generated by your supply chain.

Our Solution

We can analyze your supply chain end-to-end, or just a portion of it that is under your control. Using our proprietary software tools, we can quantify the baseline environmental performance of your supply chain, identify areas where performance could be improved, and then run a range of "what-if" scenarios to evaluate potential optimizations. Our goals are to help you squeeze out waste and inefficiencies, save money, and take carbon out of supply chains .

We can evaluate a number of supply-chain performance metrics, such as:

  • Energy used to operate the supply chain - including fossil and non-fossil sources

  • Greenhouse gas emissions generated by the supply chain - including carbon dioxide and other relevant greenhouse gases

  • Freight transport distances

  • Energy/emissions impacts of packaging materials used in the supply chain

  • Waste products generated by the supply chain

  • Cost of operating the supply chain

Our analysis includes detailed evaluation of transportation and logistics. We take into account a range of details such as specific transport routes, transport modes, utilization and backhaul, manufacturing and storage locations, and temperature control in transport/storage.

Typical Applications

If you are a retailer (online and/or with physical stores), we can analyze the environmental performance of both your inbound and outbound logistics. For example, we can evaluate the emissions generated from product delivery to your customers for both online and in-store purchases. We can analyze and compare scenarios such as shipment from a regional warehouse versus home delivery from a local store, taking into account a range of factors including transportation and packaging.

If you are a manufacturer or distributor, we can map the flow of your products in detail, starting from all your suppliers and ending at the retail outlets that receive your products. Our environmental performance analysis will take into account your actual product distribution network and vehicles used. In addition to identifying inefficiencies and optimizing environmental performance, we can also compute useful metrics such as carbon footprints and "food miles" for the products that you distribute.

Custom Software Tools

In addition to analysis services, we also provide custom software tools, including easy-to-use web-based tools coupled with custom databases, that can compute selected supply-chain environmental performance metrics for you on an ongoing basis.

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